Go Nashville!

CNN reports that 17,000 people in Middle Tennessee have requested FEMA assistance. 17,000! ¬†And the Volunteer State responds. Volunteers have mobilized all over the greater Nashville area. Hands on Nashville is coordinating many… Continue reading

Blue. Green. Brown.

Bold blue. Bright green. and brown. This is the landscape that is now Nashville and the surrounding areas. As I drove down River Road today toward Ashland City, I was struck by the… Continue reading


More on this in a bit. For now… be thankful for those you love around you. Now. Call them. Hug them. Why wouldn’t you?

Email or just connect on Social Media?

As I help plan my 20 year reunion (yikes!) and the team is putting together our contact list… it is interesting that we automatically feel we need home address and email to send… Continue reading

How do you communicate?

In this day of email, texting, phone calls, Facebook, Skype, Twitter and what is to surely come… ESP, I am having continuing conversations across many media through the day. I have two sisters… Continue reading


Sometimes we need a reset. I started this process over Christmas/New Years (as many people do in the new year). There’s the reset button right over there. Do I push it? What happens?… Continue reading

Own your mistakes.

I am delighted with the finalists in the Next Food Network Star this season: Jeffrey Saad and Melissa d’Arabian. Congratulations! Very different from each other, but both have passion around food and helping… Continue reading


There are some activities in life that are givens. Baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, big sports events of children, weddings, funerals or just sitting at the table with a good friend going through… Continue reading

Connect one to another.

Find ways to connect one to another. Then let the magic happen.

Hello world!

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