Campfires, New Shoes and Fruit Tea

Happy Friday! Some random things that make me happy… Creative window displays Team spirit S’mores Warm socks Ceiling Fans New shoes Campfires Newborn photos Baking cookies with my daughter Fruit tea A great… Continue reading

Fireplaces, French Toast and Warm Socks

Happy Friday! Some random things that make me happy… Wood fireplaces Your pet sleeping near your feet French Toast A new magazine in the mail Pedicures Your team winning (Steelers or Packers?) Finding… Continue reading

Just go. Have fun!

Have you ever left a gathering (party, event, someone’s home for dinner, or friends at a restaurant) and think to yourself, “I am so glad I went tonight. That was fun!” This statement… Continue reading

we can do hard things

I ran across a wonderful sign in Etsy yesterday… “we can do hard things.” The placement in the photo was great too – over the front door of a house heading out into… Continue reading

Find it. And then don’t postpone your joy.

I was restless in my job at the start of 2010, and not sure where to look next in my career. In May 2010, there was a flood. A terrible, devastating flood in… Continue reading

Great time to be a Geek!

It’s a great time to be a Geek. Now that our social lives and business lives are more online than in person, the Geeks have arrived to the proverbial Prom. The social ones,… Continue reading

Work at it

They gracefully leap through the air and effortlessly turn as they move across the stage. Ballerinas, and other dancers, are simply dynamic. My daughter sits in wonder watching ballerinas and other dancers. She… Continue reading

Just give me a word

I was told once by my sister’s dear husband that I could tell a story about anything. And I have discovered that it’s mostly true. So give me a word… and I will… Continue reading


I am going to invite Imperfection into my life. Before you think I have been saddled up next to Perfection my whole life, please note that Imperfection has done time for unlawful entry… Continue reading

Music moves my soul

There are songs, old favorites and new, that simply move my soul. The words and instruments take me to another place and shift my soul to a less stagnant and more open space.… Continue reading