Shop from friends and local stores

We have friends that create beautiful art, write insightful books or share other gifts and creations with the world. I thought I would round them up for you in one place as we… Continue reading

Trapped by our own words

Words can trap us or release us. Many practiced phrases and responses fall out of our mouths easily. How we respond to small talk and beyond says quite a bit about where we… Continue reading

$1 and 1 day won’t move mountains.

What are you willing to invest in your dream and goals? Do you day-dream? If you have given up or find this not worth your time, it may be that you are investing… Continue reading

My work isn’t done

I love words and quotes. There’s one general idea I struggle with when I see it posted in social networks. Now I know why. If you do a search on quotes about “contentment”… Continue reading

Dear Joy,

Have a seat. Breathe. You are on GO most of the time. You don’t stop. Ever. Many days, despite your activity, you don’t feel like you are getting very far. You are. LOOK at… Continue reading

You can.

What if you CAN? It’s easy to think of all the ways we will fail. What if you DON’T? We all have something we want to try or do that is new or… Continue reading

Your canvas awaits

We each have a blank canvas for our life. We add paint to that canvas every day. Through thoughts, actions, experiences, relationships and daydreams. Some areas of the canvas are more defined than… Continue reading

Joy is contagious

Smiles Laughter Uplifting words Compassionate actions All of the above can make someone’s day lighter and plant a seed of hope in the soul. I am so blessed to be surrounded by people… Continue reading

Put it aside.

“I wish I had time to ________.” You do. You have a full day. You may spend time on activities that may or may not be as important. Is there something you want… Continue reading

Ask a better question.

“So… what do you do?” I am not a fan of this question. It usually has a short simple answer that may not light up the person you are talking to. Today there… Continue reading