You can do hard things… it’s worth it.

wecandohardthingscolorWe can do hard things.

My dear friends… there are things we want to do, dream about, think about, talk about, daydream about, if-we-won-the-lottery-we-would about. Usually the actions it takes to work toward them is hard. Which is why we aren’t already doing whatever that thing is for us. It takes courage, time, money, energy, effort. We all go through times when we actually do the hard things, so we know that we have it in us.

I have found that many of the hard things that benefit us in the long run are only difficult for a moment or a day, sometimes because it’s just a new habit. You have it in you to do what you want or need to do for a better long-term. We all do. Our short-term fun and distractions or worrying about what other people think simply keeps us from daily (sometimes hard) actions that get us to the things we want.

Consider what drags you down or makes you frown and then “choose your hard.” What’s harder… doing something you don’t want to do, being some where you don’t want to be, being someone you don’t want to be… or getting over your fear and all the distractions to put in place the daily discipline to move toward what you want to do or be. Think of the few people in your life you are accountable to and be awesome for yourself and that short list. Choose your hard. Choose wisely for the long-term.

We (together) can (yes, you can) do (take action) hard (because it’s worth it) things (whatever that is for you).

And for the high school, college and graduate school graduates this spring season… do what you need to do so that in 5, 10, 20 years you will have created a lovely life worth living and sharing with others. That will involve some “hard things” in your 20s that will pay off later. Here are just a few examples of practices that will pay off later: saving money, staying out of debt, investing in continued learning even through online videos and classes, eating well, staying active and aware of your health, investing in worthy relationships and exploring this wonderful country and world in which we live.

P.S. This coloring page is from my ‪new Be Well Coloring Journal. The saying is also above our front door as we head out into the world each day.