Strong mind + community = results

12650799_10208549682238999_6483973716196032232_nSticking to goal means we need a plan. But even more than that, we have to be tough mentally. A great plan can be followed… or not. It’s our mental persistence, consistent eye on the longer-term goal and daily, sometimes hourly, decisions that keep us moving toward our goal.

I have a great plan. But I also had a greasy grilled cheese last week… with fries. Yikes! It takes mental toughness to get back on track the very next meal and to eat well 95% of the time. If you have weight loss goals, you can’t fool around with what you eat. Nutrition and calories matter in addition to being active.

My goals? I want to be healthier and stronger. I want to be 100 pounds lighter. 17 pounds down so far! YAY! Staying tough mentally requires inspiration and encouragement.

Here’s the second point…
Wanting to hit BIG goals means you need a community of friends with similar goals. It matters. Your “goal community” can be encouraging, inspiring and challenging. They help us stay tough mentally.

I am in such a group. A huge community of friends are on Day 23 of a 24 Day Challenge for better health and wellness. We will finish well. I’ve no doubt. Mostly because we have each other to lean on, support and encourage and the wellness plan and products that support the plan are awesome. Many of us have BIG goals so we will continue our plan beyond 24 Days.  I love that we get to help each other and our friends get results!! #webuildchampions #AdvocareAllIn