Excuses, excuses…

IMG_8508“Excuses, excuses. They are always so useless. And if you think about it, it’s true!”

A dear friend from high school used to say that phrase often. Living in the south, it had a beautiful southern drawl to the phrase as well. There are some words you hear when you are younger that stick. This is one of them for me. Because she challenged me to think about it. So I did.

Here I am at this point in my life some 25 years later. Our family has joined the gym down the road. There are so many valid reasons (ahem… excuses) not to go.

It’s late. It’s early. It’s cold. It’s raining. It’s probably crowded today. I don’t have any workout clothes that are clean. I don’t have any workout clothes (let’s be honest). I just ate. I haven’t eaten. What if someone giggles at me? I don’t know how to use the machines yet (appt is in a week). I need to clean the kitchen. Where are my socks? I have to go to the grocery. I may have a cold. I’m tired…

None of the excuses above are real reasons. These are the voices in our head that say we can’t do it.

My goal is to lose 100+ pounds in the next 18 months (or sooner). My overall wellness depends on me sticking to my plan and not making excuses. I eat well, use great supplements that help with my metabolism and fill in nutritional gaps. Adding some cardio workouts and additional community to keep me accountable is important for my health goals.

The point about the workout clothes is on my mind since I’ve been to the gym a few times now and already repeating my clothes. When you are overweight and working out at home, you can basically work out in your pajamas or an old pair of shorts. Coming up on Christmas and some other financial goals for our family, I don’t really want to spend money a full set of workout outfits. Therefore I am going to make do with what I have for now, but I am not going to use this as an excuse. So if you see me in the gym in one of my three workout “outfits” once again, just say hi. Better yet, give me a high five! Because I am there. I’ll high five you too!

8 number

P.S. I’ve now lost 8 pounds since the Nov. 1 and feeling great!