There is no magic pill. It’s a process.

apples and almond butterWhile I grew up on mostly healthy foods, I discovered in my 20s and 30s that I could comfort my stress with food. I am not alone in this practice; you see it in TV and movies all the time (cue image of girl eating tub of ice cream on the couch in PJs).

A few years ago, I started on a specific path to lessen the burden that I had placed on my body. The extra weight was causing a number of issues, not to mention crippling my own confidence and propensity toward being with my wonderful family. A friend shared a plan with me that wasn’t a diet but a learning tool with some supplements to retrain my body, and with encouragement and support, my mindset about food.

I lost 40 pounds over about 6 months and felt as awesome as I did in college. I maintained that weight loss for about 20 months. I ate lean and clean foods about 80-90% of the time and still enjoyed life and celebrations around food.

However, this past year I lost the focus on my health. I allowed that eating ratio to slip to about 30-40% healthy and 60-70% not so healthy. I still had great energy, but my clothes were getting tighter and I found myself ducking out of photos again.

number 7So I placed a new stake in the ground last week. I figured I could go one of two ways. I could refocus my healthy efforts and become stronger OR I could do nothing and stay in an unhealthy place as I approach my mid-40s. I chose the first option. YAY! By eating 95% lean and clean foods in the past week along with my supplement system. I’ve lost seven (7!!) pounds as of this morning. More than that, I feel awesome from the inside out.

The past few years have been an educational process. I am learning how my body responds and how my mind helps (and can hurt) my progress. I know where I can slip and have placed accountability tools in those vulnerable places. We have also joined a local gym with group classes (another layer of accountability). I am starting NOW because I have learned a few things along the way. If I don’t have a plan over the holidays in the next few months, I will put on more weight and have farther to go to reach my goal.

I heard this insight yesterday from a mentor and felt a peace about my path so far. Change is not an event, it’s a process. She went on to share that positive change requires commitment, investment of time and consistency. This morning while reading I was reminded that our past failures don’t define our future.

There is no magic pill. We are the ones that have to make a change. For me this is a lifestyle adjustment. The tools I use help me know when to eat and how much, good food choices and snack ideas, the amount of water I need for proper hydration, activity level recommendations and also safe supplements that fill in nutritional gaps. Additionally I have lots of friends who support and encourage me. Because when we are changing habits, we need support and encouragement when we hit those bumps in the road.

This is my story. I continue to change and grow and get better and stronger. The mental game is the hardest, which is why I lean on my friends. If you want to jump into this with us and lock arms, let me know. It’s more fun when we encourage each other.