Before you roll your eyes about new year goals…

Calendar 2015The new year is approaching. Goals and plans are being made. Before you roll your eyes at your friend’s or family member’s New Year goals, read this.

BIG goals are hard to accomplish in a week or a month. Some of your friends need the visual of a FULL 12 months to make a big change or complete a big project. People who desire to make a BIG change or even change a nagging habit love the feeling of a fresh start. That could be January 1, a Monday, the start of Summer, or even a random Tuesday. Starting can be difficult. It helps knowing that many other friends are on the same page this time of year, making similar changes and encouraging others. In fact, that’s what makes many successful, making changes in a group.

Some goals are BIG and SCARY and a full year broken down into seasons, months then days makes it possible. BIG goals need preparation and time. Transformation that is sustained and projects that create value may take longer than a few weeks.

Not everyone will accomplish their goals. Some will stop working on them in February. Sometimes a curve ball hits us or new information changes our direction. That’s OK.

The dreaming and planning is fun. When we apply discipline and hard work each day and each week toward those goals, changes happen and projects are completed. And these positive changes can add value to others, the community, maybe even the nation or world.

So before you say even a minor discouraging remark or have “that look” on your face… allow your friends and family to dream big dreams and make big goals. Then encourage and support them. Ask if they need any help to get it done.

You just might be inspired along the way to make some positive changes of your own.

Happy New Year!

Note: The calendar in the photo is on my office wall and will be filled soon. It’s from the team at It was a gift from my thoughtful husband who encourages me daily.