How do you start a conversation?

spilled-milkLines sometimes are long and you have to wait. Traffic exists. Retail professionals have a bad day. Utilities break or stop working. Cars break. Packages get lost. Processes break down. Stores run out of inventory. It rains. Planes are delayed for weather. People make mistakes. Milk spills. Cookies crumble.

Here’s the mind shift change for me lately. It’s not a personal attack. It’s our choice how we view them and respond. I’m not referring to the devastating or tragic events of life. But the inconvenient things that happen.

Here’s what I’ve found. Sometimes we start a conversation with our complaints of what happened to us recently. That then sets the tone for the conversation you will now have in your social circle, office space, family, etc.

super-positive-300x300I’m not suggesting that these complaints never pass your lips. However I have found when choosing to complain of life’s inconveniences, I quickly become surrounded by people who fuel the conversation with their own complaints and the positive people simply walk away from the conversation. Repeat this over and over in your life and it becomes harder to smile.

Our days can shift to a much happier place if we can move on quickly from small annoyances, breathe and keep some perspective. Let’s bring joy, value, encouragement and smiles into our daily conversations. You can attract more positive people into your life over time and they can encourage you even more.

You can also be a shining light for those who truly are having a bad day. Turn toward topics that are productive, encouraging and can make a much needed positive difference.

Share joy.