Choose where you grow.

photoWe grow wherever we spend our time.

Every moment, we are learning. Therefore, where we invest our time, intentionally or not, is the direction we will grow. We may even become “experts” in those topics and activities.

Hiking, cooking, reading, sailing, grilling, reality shows, surfing, monster trucks, running, yoga, home decor, college football, romance novels, wine, painting, leadership, robotics, biology, acting, singing, missions, service to others, traveling, deep friendships, restaurants, parenting, skiing, bands and music, fashion, Downton Abbey, scrabble, candy crush, carpentry, coaching, crossfit, archery, movies, writing… and the list goes on and on.

Choose your daily education wisely. Your time spent today has impact on your life years down the road.

What topics or activities will you be knowledgeable about in your life?