Feel like you are headed downhill? Look up.

photo 1There are times in our lives where it feels like we have reached the peak of our life and are on our way downhill.

We may sit down in frustration as if we are stuck. We may walk slower thinking that all we are ever going to accomplish is behind us. Some people may even tell us it’s normal to head downhill at this stage of life.

However, sometimes we look up, and see a friend who’s gone ahead. They are looking back toward us with an outstretched hand.

“Come this way. This view up here is beautiful. Just walk around that obstacle at your feet. Your own thoughts and decisions put it there anyway.”

photo 2You look beyond the one friend and see more friends. They are cheering you on, showing you the way around the obstacles, walls and doubt. You then realize that what you thought was the slope downhill is just a momentary dip along the path. With guidance, wisdom and encouragement, your vision increases. You begin to move up the mountain again.

When you turn around to look over your shoulder, you see that there are others you can help too.
The best days and years may even be ahead of you… not behind you.

You aren’t stuck. Look up. Seek a wise friend who has gone ahead.