2014, you aren’t expecting us.

A-Change-May-Be-Just-Around-The-CornerAs I read through many of my friends’ social posts today, I have a feeling that 2014 isn’t expecting us. Any of us. Many of us are ready for new adventures, hobbies, more time with loved ones, healthier lives mentally and physically. I see reading challenges, health challenges, travel challenges, physical challenges and more.

2014 has NO IDEA what is coming. Of course, we don’t either. The year will be full of joys and sorrows, triumphs and tragedies, many unknown to us today. Just as it is each year.

Today, more than recent years, I see so many friends ready to take charge of the things they can control, grow where they can, experience what they can, give more of what they can, learn what they can, enjoy their families and friends while they can. We are like a band of light, strength and joy coming around the corner into the new year.

As my friend and writer Chris Holmes shared this morning… “We’re hiding around the corner like a 14 year old ready to jump out and wrestle his unsuspecting 8 year old brother into submission when he comes out of the shower still half asleep.” Indeed!

Are we ready to get out of surviving mode and back into thriving mode? I think so. I am hopeful for our friends and communities.

Here we come, 2014! Ready or not!