$1 and 1 day won’t move mountains.

Number1What are you willing to invest in your dream and goals?

Do you day-dream? If you have given up or find this not worth your time, it may be that you are investing your resources in ways that won’t reward your effort over time.

The lottery does well because people have a hope that with $1 their life will forever change. The change they are looking for is substantial. The $1 is a mere drop in an ocean of desired change. But it’s low risk.

There was a time when I would buy a ticket and then spend 20 minutes (or more) dreaming of what I could do with our plentiful resources, time and, to be brutally honest, even more imagined influence. I imagined giving generously to my family, friends, church and community – causes that we cared about. Surprising people with gifts they would love. Spending time with loved ones near and far.

The problem is that the $1 isn’t enough of a risk. So the lottery doesn’t pay off for 99.999999% of us.

This also applies to giving a new dream just 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. That’s not enough effort for the BIG things.

It can be something simple — a small habit change — and with repetition over time, you can reach your goals.  Your big dreams and life-changes will take your time and effort. They will also take persistence, guts, courage, help from others, a plan, daily habits and lots of encouragement.

I’ve had the honor of meeting people who have made their dreams a reality: better health, debt freedom, turning hobbies into vocations, running marathons, completing Ironman races, sailing boats, traveling the world through their careers, learning and mastering new skills, mission trips, adoption, finding jobs that meet their calling, winning over cancer, authoring books and more. All things are possible.

Not everyone is willing to do the work, make the change, take the risk. The road is fairly vacant on that extra mile. I know because I hang out there from time to time. Just a few are in it for the longer game. The folks on that mile and beyond will be “successful” in their goals, whatever they may be, sooner or later.

We are created to share our unique gifts and talents. We are called to be a light to those around us. We are made for more. To get there, we have to move beyond investing just one day or just $1 into our goals and day dreams.