Dear Joy,

fountain-penHave a seat. Breathe.

You are on GO most of the time. You don’t stop. Ever.

Many days, despite your activity, you don’t feel like you are getting very far. You are. LOOK at what you have done so far. Look at the lives you have impacted, inspired and the people you have loved.

Embrace the imbalance of being active and at rest. There are paths, smooth and bumpy. There are bridges to cross and rivers to swim. There are also benches and hammocks along the way.

You are a daughter of the King. You have a beautiful and loving family. You have extended family and friends who love you, like you and enjoy being around you.

You are well and taking good care of your body, mind and spirit. You are a work in progress and that will always be the case. On this earth, there isn’t a finish line, so relax.

You can live your dreams. You can have a big and colorful life. You have gifts to share that haven’t been uncovered in a long time. While your dreams and goals may be similar to others, you are uniquely made. There is no one with your exact voice.

Be bold. Be kind. Love well. Fight for your dreams and family. You’ve got this.


*Some friends challenged me today to pause and encourage myself as many of us so easily do for others. That is not an easy assignment. 

Feel free to write your own letter too. What would you say to encourage you?