Joy is contagious



Uplifting words

Compassionate actions

All of the above can make someone’s day lighter and plant a seed of hope in the soul.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who inspire, challenge, smile, encourage, take risks of their own, show the way, pray, pray with me, love and serve others selflessly. Their joy becomes my joy. My hope is ignited and stirs up hope in others.

What I have found is that when you surround yourself with people who are often joyous and hopeful, it’s easier to be joyous and hopeful. When you choose to be grateful instead of hateful, your perspective changes. When you read uplifting stories of those who have overcome great odds, you have new ideas about what’s possible, even in your own life. When you place people in your life that inspire you to become more, you are more likely to also become a better version of you. Your perspective or mindset for each day, dictates the day.

Choose joy. Choose to be grateful. Share your hope and joys with others. Be compassionate for those that are hurting. Hug. Smile. Laugh. Speak encouragement. It will spread. Just watch.

Note: I drafted this a few days ago. Last night at the Start Conference in Brentwood, TN. Among other very insightful ideas, I heard Jon Acuff say this:

“Joy is infectious. You can share it.
What gives you joy? How can you make it multiply?”

I love that! For more insights from this conference, search #StartConf.