Put it aside.

paint-brushes-art-creative-Favim.com-470846“I wish I had time to ________.”

You do. You have a full day. You may spend time on activities that may or may not be as important.

Is there something you want to try? A passion or hobby you wish you had time for? People who need more of your time? Maybe you want to add more exercise in your week.

That’s great!

Write it down. Be as specific as you can be.

Now… put something ELSE aside for this upcoming week.

Something like your favorite TV show(s), digital game(s), sleeping in on the weekends, happy hour, or anything that doesn’t get you closer to the items on your “I wish I had more time for_________” list.

Put it aside for two weeks. You can record the TV shows and watch them later. Take the game off your phone; you can put it back later.

Invest that new-found time on your passion, your dream, your loved ones. Even if in small steps.

Then I challenge you to go back to the activity you left behind after two weeks. You may now find that it doesn’t give you the same pleasure or value. Not because the activities you put aside are bad, but because the other activity is more fulfilling. It’s worth it in the long-run to put aside the good and go for the awesome.

You see, unless you are passionate about becoming the Breaking Bad World Expert, The Queen of bachelor/Bachelorette Bloggerdom, or Candy Crush Champion of the Universe and invited to write articles, books and appear on talk shows to share your insights… is it really worth your time? More importantly, is it worth hours of your time each week?

Time is something we can invest, instead of waste. Invest in ourselves, invest in those we love, invest in our community.

You might be thinking “Those activities give my mind a release. It’s entertainment.” Maybe. However, there are a million things in this world that can do the same thing for your brain… and more. Why limit yourself to sitting on the couch or in front of your phone?

Take a nice walk in the woods or around your neighborhood. Share lunch or breakfast with a friend. Sit quietly on your deck. Try Yoga. Play board games or put together puzzles with your family. Serve food at a shelter. Sort canned goods at a food pantry. Try new recipes. Read books and magazines related to your passion. Knit (now you have gifts for friends!). Read a daily devotional. Fish. Write. Make paper bag puppets with your children (or nieces and nephews). Pour your time into a hobby that improves your skills. You become more interesting and may even find a new passion or way to serve your community. Your conversations with friends and family can be more interesting too.

Try it. Put something that distracts you from your dream aside. Then start something new. I would love to hear how it goes.