Do you encourage or doubt your friends?

photo(3)Your life is an occasion. Rise to it. – Suzanne Weyn

Many times when we make a change, try something new or speak a dream or goal out loud that is new to people around us, something happens. We will hear the voice of the skeptic, the doubter or even the hater.

Think on this. They may not want you to change.

Some friends may like that you hang out on the couch and watch TV or spend time relaxing on the back deck all the time with them. They may enjoy that you also watch the same reality show or play Words with Friends, Candy Crush, etc. They may be content with happy hours you spend together. Here’s a doozy… someone may even like that you are the “big girl” so that she gets to be the “skinnier girl”. (I heard this a few years ago and my jaw dropped.)

But something in YOU has changed and you see a preferred future, goal or change you want to pursue. And to get there, it takes time. So you have “quit” a few things in order to make time.

I am grateful that I find myself in a number of circles of friends (new and renewed) where I have room to grow and change. Where my goals matter and are encouraged. It’s a gift and I am blessed.

One of these groups was created by Jon Acuff as a Start Experiment. This is a group of 2,400+ Dreamers who DO. They are working on all sorts of projects, personal goals, and businesses. The energy is off the charts and encouraging for participants as they struggle, doubt themselves, celebrate minor and major successes and push toward their own goals.

It’s your life to live. My guess is that your friends who stay on the couch or back deck will be there this time next year, so you can catch up later.


P.S. If you have been THAT friend (we all have at some point), offer the people around you one of the greatest gifts… the gift of allowing them grow and change and make their life extraordinary. Join them if it excites you. At least cheer them on.