Dreams and goals deserve discipline

photo“Good habits are worth being fanatical about.”
― John Irving

Tomorrow I START a new thing… daily. Which is different than dabbling in it from time to time.  I will start working out 4-6 times a week with daily discipline and accountability.

I recently raised my hand to be part of the Start Experiment with Jon Acuff a few weeks ago. Actually, my husband volunteered me because he knows that I love an adventure. YAY! Then it was shared that we needed to select something to START. Acuff has gathered thousands of interested people who want to start some new habit, hobby, career, etc. We have a collective challenge to start something for 24 days.

Some are writing, some are gardening, some are eating well, some are traveling, some are reading… and all kinds of other interests and hobbies. The point is about discipline and partnering up for accountability.

I am excited to put some additional accountability into my healthy lifestyle.  I’ve lost over 40 pounds with better eating and great nutrition. Now I need to tone and shape what’s left.

I am thrilled for this new chapter in my year. I want to be strong for myself and my family. It impacts my health and also my daughter’s own self-image as she grows up. Important things.

It’s true what they say. Even starting you begin to feel closer to your goals.

What do you want to start? What is your goal or dream that deserves daily discipline?