Step off the wheel.

vacancy-on-hamster-wheelStep off the wheel. Just take a moment and collect your thoughts. Remember, this is your life to live.

It’s halfway through 2013.

Did you have goals at the beginning of the year? How are you doing? Are you halfway there?

It is easy to slip into routines, hectic schedules, obligations that seem to stretch way into the next few weeks. Then our new goals slip away if we don’t have the daily discipline built in already.

I challenge you this weekend to step off the wheel. Even if you aren’t working this weekend, then step off the wheel of “busy” and sit. Think. Ponder. Take notes or jot a few things down if that helps you collect your thoughts.

Where did you want to be by mid-year on your goals? What new dreams, wishes, wants have popped up in the last few months? What’s been on your heart to do, be, consider?

This should feel refreshing, maybe a little frustrating that you aren’t farther along or haven’t yet started. That’s OK. You can always start.

Make a list of 3-5 things, even simple steps, you can do this week to make a change in the direction of those dreams, wishes and wants. What do you already have at your fingertips? Who do you know that can help or guide? What could you read?

Your week can be brighter just because you are taking these steps and recalibrating your year. In 30 days, if you keep taking steps and have daily discipline, you’ll have some traction toward your dreams, goals, wishes and wants. YAY!

Go. Don’t wait another week to get on the right track.