Morning. Also Known As Me Time.

It’s true. I am a morning person.

its-awesome-time-20130326456Mornings are amazingly quiet. They are a time to be reflective. Mornings are a gift; a new start we are given every morning.

Additionally, my family is asleep. That’s right. I have the house all to myself because my husband and daughter are NOT morning people. And that is just fine with me.

I’ve enjoyed quiet mornings since I was a child. I grew up with a “morning person” for a dad. It became our daddy-daughter time on the weekends. Great memories of us enjoying the morning on the back deck watching birds and listening to the sounds of the world waking up.

Recently, the author Jon Acuff has posted about the 5 Club. The basic idea is that when you are working on new things that are for you like working out, writing, hobbies, etc., the morning is a time when you can be selfish. Specifically starting at 5 am (thus 5 club). You aren’t taking time away from your family during the day or evening. It’s your time.

There’s even an app for that! You can “check in” on the app right at 5 am your local time to keep yourself accountable for getting up and starting your day early. The app was created by Brian Harris who has been participating in a 5 club meeting.

This gathering is hosted by Acuff in Brentwood, TN about once a month (#5club on Twitter). It’s a time when dreamers and doers can meet and share their dreams, fears and excitement about a variety of projects. I love this and fortunately I live close enough to take advantage. I mean, only the true doers would get up and be somewhere at 5 am when they didn’t have to to be around awesome people and be inspired. Right? This proved to be true when I attended last month. It’s an inspiring collection of people.

url-6_514b82b39606ee7b964a0b40What are you working on? Not enough time? Then try waking up just a bit earlier. Have some coffee if that helps. My morning drink choice is Spark since it offers mental focus too.

In these early hours I write, read, work on projects, ponder, walk.

Dream BIG. No time to waste. We have just one life. Don’t let time be in your way. You can plan time for the things that matter most to you.