The burden and joy of being MOM

holding-hands1This Mother’s Day I have so much to be thankful for. My mom continues to be an amazing influence in my life and now also for my daughter. I have a lovely mother in law. My two sisters are both moms of gorgeous daughters. One sister is celebrating her first Mother’s Day this year and I love seeing her in this new role. She’s a natural.

As my daughter gets older, I feel the weight that MOMs feel. Am I setting a good example for my daughter? More than ever she is watching me. Do I encourage her enough? Do I say no too harshly sometimes? Am I in too much of a rush or do my moments of patience help cover up the “rush” moments? Can I keep her safe and healthy? For me this last one is the biggest burden of all. Because not all of that is in my control.

She is discovering her strengths, her independence, and how to treat people. What to say out loud and when to keep her thoughts to herself. Her clothing choices are becoming more creative in color and style, which I allow. As long as she is appropriately covered, why not? She usually doesn’t approach something the way I would, and while sometimes my instinct is to correct, I try to stop short of criticism on my better days. We don’t strive for perfection in our house every day. And that is OK. We do strive for kindness, excellence and good choices.

I want to be the best example of kindness and strength for her. She has her own thoughts, dreams, wishes, motives and ideas. My job as MOM is to guide her, love her, hold her, show her my faith, teach her by my example to take care of her health and allow her to see that the world is open to all her dreams. My mom did that for me thankfully. Now it’s my turn.