Life is waiting outside your comfort zone

My comfort zone was my couch, lots of season passes on TiVo, and “comfort” food. How nice to rest at the end of the day and catch up on some reality show where other people seemed to have more drama than me. How easy to swing through the drive through on the way to work and grab “unfood” for breakfast that gave me comfort for a busy day. Someone brought donuts to the office… score!

The truth. I wasn’t comfortable at all. I was tired at the end of the day. My feet hurt every morning for about an hour. I could only shop in plus-sized stores for clothes. I had no interest in running in the yard with my daughter. I avoided social engagements. I smiled, but was a wreck on the inside. None of this was my true self. When I was a little girl and through my 20s, I was full of energy and loved life.

wherethemagichappensSomething snapped and I stepped out of that comfort and it’s made all the difference. I made a decision to get healthy and jumped on AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge. I tried new foods, humbled myself to share my story with friends so they could support me and cheer me on, deleted the season passes of almost every show on TiVo and got off my couch.

I thought it would be hard. Surprisingly, the hardest part was making the decision to change and taking a first step. The rest has been fun!

The magic is that I’ve gained more than I thought possible. Yes, I dropped 40 pounds. More than that, I feel amazing with so much more energy. Like it’s from the inside out. Your body really does perform better with great nutrition! Shopping is way more fun this summer season. The pain in my feet is completely gone. I run and play with my daughter and have enough energy to last through the day and into the evening for my family. I have discovered new friends that are positive, encouraging and who challenge me in the best way to be a better version of my true self.

My head and heart now realize that my comfort zone was a very small room that kept me from so much that life has to offer. I was made for MORE than my couch and TV. I love my husband and daughter and they deserve the best of me.

Open the door and step out. Your life is waiting for you.