Escape Average. Start.

It’s time to escape average. It’s time to start.

img-book-start-smallOne of my recent favorite books releases today. I’ve been waiting for this for a few months. I attended the preview of the book in Franklin, TN in February and was blown away by Jon Acuff’s ideas about starting. SO many great thoughts.

The book rocks! I gave it away to the person that let me slide in to their spot at that event. I can’t wait for my new copy to arrive so I can read again, mark it up and make notes. It’s that kind of book. A road map for your project. Plus lots of stories to motivate and inspire. Jon is an amazing storyteller.

Here’s an overview:

What do you need to start?

In September, I decided to START a health journey. I punched fear in the face and it’s been amazing. I feel better, more energized and I am happier.

Another benefit to better health… my attitude is brighter and I intentionally share joy each day with as many people as I can. It’s a process because I have sad days too. But I also have faith, hope and people who love and support me. That makes all the difference.

525221_10150290458549950_2023312441_nThis will be the book I gift to my friends this year. I want the best for my friends and family and I know many of them have something that they are ready, or almost ready, to START.

Life is waiting for us to be awesome. Don’t wait for perfection. You will be waiting too long. Let’s go! If you want encouragement, shout it out. I can do that for you.

It’s time to start.