What’s your Mt. Everest?

everestI am not a mountain climber. At least not literally. I feel like I have climbed a few metaphorical mountains… and still yet more in front of me.

Everest is a useful and beautiful app on my phone. It’s about goal setting and incorporates imagery to help you visualize your end goals. The company also has a journal about being your best, fighting for your goals and other inspirational topics.

I found this AWESOME quote in their online journal the other day.

“You must acknowledge your fear, your flaw, your weakness, your deficiency, the chasm between where you are and where you want to be. Remove your armor. Now you and those who you love the most can see your vulnerability and your courage. The incredible sense of relief will restore your sense of purpose and rouse your determination. Pour your heart into your neglected dream and accept nothing less than complete victory.” – Matthew Levene

This is powerful. Read it twice.

What is your Mt. Everest? What goal and dream do you have that needs all your heart? Name your purpose. Remove your armor. Go!