Bigger smile. Smaller jeans.

photoFriends were asking… so I am sharing. This is what 38 pounds lighter looks like. Not only a change on the outside, but more importantly, there’s much more smiling in our house.

I’m having fun on this new food journey. We are eating healthier foods (lean and clean) with amazing supplements. We are trying new foods… mostly new vegetables. Truth is, after about a week… I didn’t want to go back to donuts, chips and all sorts of other processed foods. I could feel the change, even without looking at the scale.

Once I changed my MIND, the rest fell in to place. It wasn’t about will power anymore. Instead of saying “I can’t eat that” I started saying “I don’t eat that.” Powerful difference in mindset. It’s my choice and it’s not a diet.

I am still moving toward my goal. I have a team of AWESOME people cheering me on and coaching me. Plus, we have been able to turn around and help friends with their goals. Even better! Woo Hoo!

A number of friends have joined me on this fun road to “get fit” and we are having so much fun together.  One friend in particular has an inspiring Facebook page called “Fluffy and Figuring Out Fit” and similar blog. She is way more clever than I, so if you enjoy a sense of humor with authentic sharing, check out her online spaces.

I love this image a friend posted recently. It’s one of my filters I use when choosing what I place in my body.