Together is more fun.

I love multiple voices singing together. Always. I sang in a pretty serious choir in middle school, so that may have planted the seed. There is something about a joyful noise coming from our voice that starts in our heart. And when you feel it and hear it multiplied by many voices, it can be breathtaking.

Check out this video from the Veritones, a coed a capella singing group at Harvard College. They take on Fun.’s “Some Nights” with much joy.



What’s true for a choir of voices is true in any team, group, set of friends. Working on a project or goal together brings various gifts and talents and improves the result. Working toward a personal goal is easier when you are on that path with friends. And you don’t always have to figure it out on your own. Others may have already found a way and are excited to share that with you. Your friends may see what you can’t. They can help you reach a goal or dream you had tucked away long ago. When you are hitting your stride together, you encourage each other, smile more, laugh at attempts that may not have worked so well, and celebrate together.

My challenge for you… look for opportunities to join in with your friends. Surround yourself with those that seek excellence and want to share the path. Make some new friends if you have to. Laugh together. Create something new and exciting. Be a light for others  and invite them to join in. Share the joy.

We are better together.