It’s possible… if you are willing

_JMG0566-1I remember this thought from a college friend, “You know, you never really are stuck. You only think you are. There is always another choice.”

When you aren’t moving or hit a wall, there are ways around, through, over, under or you can just turn around.

Whatever reason, excuse or obstacle you face that keeps you from what you want… someone somewhere got over that today. Probably a number of people busted through that same hurdle…today. It’s possible. The question is… will you do it?

For me, I was stuck in unhealthy eating habits. To change, I was willing to learn a new grocery list, find a program that worked for me, let go of fast food, diet cokes, coffee (milk and sugar, please), and even watch a little less TV. I am moving toward a much healthier lifestyle with much more energy. Was it worth it? OH YES!

We are also working to eliminate our debt. That has additional hurdles. We had to make a plan – together. Say no to some things. Say yes to other things. Find a way to increase our income. We push through each month and celebrate when we reach a new milestone.

What do you want to change? What needs to change? What will you do to get unstuck?