Be awesome, not average… part 2

The night I attended Jon Acuff’s Start Book Launch Party, I had a a few thoughts to share about the life changing evening. My previous post on this is here. Here’s another thought I have been pondering…

Jon has a gift of moving from funny to inspirational to preacher man. I was listening, tweeting and retweeting ideas, as others were doing too.

During this event, Jon said of pursuing awesome, “Don’t chase fame.”

Nice… I looked down to my phone to post this little nugget on twitter with “#startbook” for those not in attendance, and then I heard him say this.

joy-on-stone“You are already known by name by the Alpha and the Omega. Who on earth can stand up to that?”

Whoa! I can’t just tweet that! I have to sit in that thought for a bit. He’s right. God knows my name. Why would I chase being known or accepted by any other? My heart turned to thoughts of purpose. Thoughts of serving others. That is why we are here. On earth. To serve. To be helpful. To love.

We already known. By Him.