Small choices every day


Left: September 29, 2012
Right: January 15, 2013

Staying the same is easier, right? You don’t have to think about new things, switch your schedule or spend money differently. Sometimes, when I’ve intended to make a change, I would wait until my situation is better or until I had more time. Sometimes, I would decide to wait until I had more money or I until I could move closer to work. All of these were things I found myself saying until I finally realized that they were all excuses that delayed the first foot from edging forward.

Finally, I made some big changes last fall in my eating habits and nutrition. I’ve lost 34 pounds and have the energy I had in high school. I also made an intentional decision to be encouraging and uplifting to others with my words in person and online. I want to be the person my daughter looks up to regarding her own health, character and kindness to others. Because of these slight changes, my life has dramatically changed in so many ways. And for a few goals that are longer term, there is now a certain path. I can see it.

Here’s the secret to making a big change. It’s about small choices every day, not big changes all at once. The year only comes to you one day at a time.

photo(1)My everyday life is similar. My healthy eating isn’t a diet, but a different approach to food and nutrition. There will always be holidays. There will always be office treats. There will always be trips. I have learned how to make better choices. So none of that timing matters. How refreshing to not have to “wait” for the perfect time to make a change. And the investment in myself is worth it and then some.

And choosing to be kind and encouraging mostly means choosing to keep quiet or my fingers off the keyboard in those moments of weakness. Not that hard really. My goal is to leave any room a brighter place than when I found it.

I wish I had changed a year earlier. I wish I hadn’t waited one day.