Are you stuck or moving?

Stuck is remaining still, unchanging, passive, the opposite of active.

Sometimes you get stuck. But as a college friend once said, you are never truly stuck. You always have options.

If you find yourself lamenting, worrying, complaining, sad, even disgusted, it’s time to take some action. Worrying only allows room for you to fret and build up a possibly false future that is less than ideal.

If you move into action, take steps to change something, then you began to see new light, new ideas, even other actions you can take. If you take these new steps each day, then soon you’ll see a path to your preferred future. It is clear and reachable. A much better place to be.

Some people call it “rainbows and sunshine” or even “glass half full.” More than that, it’s a choice I make on my best days. I choose to move and take action on the things that bother me. The other option is to let it go. Whatever you choose, don’t sit in worry and concern for too long. You may not be able to get back up.

If you don’t like the every day story that has become your life, you have the power to rewrite that story. Or at least parts of it. Move toward a preferred future. You can do this.