The wand goes on the hip.

“Increase your productivity, then the motivation will follow. We are always trying to gt ourselves to find a better or more efficient way to do things instead of getting ourselves excited to DO better. But when we actually DO better, we get excited and the cycle continues.”
20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith

Sometimes, I try to arrange the perfect situation to get started on anything. What this means is that I don’t get started at all. But maybe, tomorrow, next week, next month, I’ll get around to _________.

The truth is, most things I actually did today, yesterday, last month, last year… I wasn’t perfect at the start. I figured it out along the way. I got better. I got results. That was motivating so I worked harder, stayed consistent, improved. Low and behold some time later, I had what I originally wanted.

So this weekend, I opened the Zumba Wii workout game I received for Christmas. I did the easy dance first, of course. I didn’t see to many flashing lights like on other dance games so I worked even harder to hit all the moves. Then I saw the stats from the first song. What?!?! 2% on technique?

I looked at the directions. Turns out the wand goes on the hip, not in my hand. Whew… thought I had lost my groove. Second song…  laser lights, fireworks, “hot” from instructors on screen and 67% technique. That’s more like it. So motivated I went on to a third song.

Get started. Do. Improve after you start. Don’t wait for perfection. The future you will say thanks.