What’s harder? Changing or Staying the Same?

Starting and keeping new habits is hard. However, keeping bad habits is harder, but not as obviously so.

It’s sometimes hard for me to pass up office goodies, but it’s harder not to feel like running in the yard with my daughter. It’s hard to eat lots of lettuce and spinach and forgo the french fries, but it’s harder to walk past the cute clothing stores because I could only buy the accessories. It’s hard to get up 30 min early and work out, but it’s harder to miss out socially because you lack confidence. It’s hard to not spend money on lots of little fun things, but it’s harder to carry the burden of debt and worry.

I am delighted to be moving toward a new me. It’s hard some days, but what I was before… it was actually harder. I appreciate all the cheers and encouragement. I am paying it all forward to others who I can help on their own goals. And, rightfully so, no one was cheering me before when I ate french fries, bought plus sized clothes or watched reality TV at night.

If you want to get healthier or have more energy, I would be honored to help you and cheer you on too! Share your goals and and let’s encourage each other!