Tell them.

Last night, I attended an inspiring celebration of life for a young woman named Aly. At only 26, she lost a battle to colon cancer. I am friends with her sister and met Aly just a few times. It is clear she was an angel here on earth.

There are many thoughts running through my head and heart this evening as I reflect on a life well lived. I pray that I could be a beacon like Aly and also raise my daughter to be as bright, creative, spunky and loving. The faith of this family is stronger than I have ever seen. A video was taken of Aly when she thought she had just a few hours left (she actually had a few more days). She stated that she had never been afraid of this cancer and even in these moments, she still isn’t afraid. Every photo shown of her in the hospital carried her smile. Inspirational! Aly knew she was loved and treasured.

Most of all, I am left with this thought that I will share with you – and challenge you to take action.

Tell them. Tell those that you love that you do. Encourage your quirky friends and family and let them know they are special. Wish strangers a great day. Say it out loud. Share  joy.

If you would like to learn more about Aly, visit