Just go. Have fun!

Have you ever left a gathering (party, event, someone’s home for dinner, or friends at a restaurant) and think to yourself, “I am so glad I went tonight. That was fun!”

This statement is usually proceeded earlier that day or week by hesitation. There is planning, coordinating, driving, sometimes contributing to the meal, maybe finding a sitter, deciding what to wear, and so many other details that may come before the actual event. Many times, we get so caught up in the logistics, that we take our eyes off the prize – gathering with friends, old and new. By breaking bread together, in whatever fashion, we deep our relationships with others and add richness to our own lives.

One summer, my sister and I lived together in the Hillsboro Village/West End area of Nashville. Both single and excited to be in the city, we declared it the Summer of Fun! Anytime we were presented with an idea to go somewhere, be social with friends, or invite someone for dinner, we did it. We intentionally chose going, not staying. It was a great summer! We deepened friendships, made new friends, experienced fun things in the city and truly felt like part of our local community. I have very fond memories of that time together – going and doing.

Now that I am married with a daughter, the logistics of going and doing are a little more complicated – not so fancy free. But I have found that our daughter is portable and can go almost anywhere I want to go. And I am blessed to have a husband that also likes to go and do.

I write this fresh from a wonderful experience last night with a small group of new friends. Our children played, we shared food, we laughed and deepened friendships — the whole evening was delightful.

I bet you can guess, as my husband and I were heading home, what we said.

“I am so glad we went tonight. That was fun!”

Just go. Have fun!