we can do hard things

I ran across a wonderful sign in Etsy yesterday… “we can do hard things.” The placement in the photo was great too – over the front door of a house heading out into the world.

we can do hard things

Life is hard. Things come at us when we least expect it both good and bad. Some hard things sneak up so slowly we see it coming.

I love that the sign starts with “we!” We are not in this alone. We can do this. Together. I believe that God is with us all the time, helping you through the hard things of life. Additionally, we have those around us who love and care about us. Great marriages, family and friendship bonds can do hard things together. Even if it is something you physically do on your own, it’s usually with the support and encouragement of people around you.

I also love that the phrase acknowledges that hard things come your way. They will be there. And the good news is that you can do them.

So go for it. Walk boldly into the world each day knowing this. We can do the hard things.

Bravo to the artist who painted the sign. I don’t know if it came from her or she found it along the way. Here is her shop, barnowlprimatives in Etsy. Visit her store to see delightful phrases displayed beautifully.