Find it. And then don’t postpone your joy.

I was restless in my job at the start of 2010, and not sure where to look next in my career. In May 2010, there was a flood. A terrible, devastating flood in Nashville. And local volunteer spirit shined! People of all walks of life wanted to help; including artists and musicians. I had the enviable task of working with the artists that wanted to help United Way raise money and awareness. It was wonderful! Artists using their talents (music, illustration, photography, etc.) to contribute their talents to help people in and around the Nashville community.

I was reminded how much I love working with artists and how grateful I am for artistic gifts in myself and others around me.

There it is. Light bulb. Luckily, I live in Nashville where artistic talent and industry abound! As I networked with my contacts in the “industry” (as it’s called in Nashville), I happened upon my current role in a marketing and PR firm that specializes in marketing, PR, and new media for musical artists and related organizations. Bingo! I couldn’t be more happy.

Lesson… find your bliss. Find what makes you happy. Then connect with those you know until you can make a living at it. It can be done. I know so many friends who have changed jobs or started their own businesses so that they could follow their happy path. Don’t postpone your joy. Ever.

Bring it 2011!