Work at it

They gracefully leap through the air and effortlessly turn as they move across the stage. Ballerinas, and other dancers, are simply dynamic. My daughter sits in wonder watching ballerinas and other dancers. She is in awe. When we are home, she dances along with any television production as much as she can. She’s four, so the leaps aren’t that high. I tell her that these ballerinas have practiced for years in order to do the amazing feats she sees.

And then I sit back and wonder myself. Isn’t it all like that. Doesn’t anything worth doing take time, practice, trial, error, and then more practice? While I enjoy being great at some things, good at others, none of those skills came to me in one day. And there is the lesson. Work hard.

So let us not become frustrated in this new year because we aren’t excellent at something right away or at a skill that may be rusty. Work at it. Try harder. Practice. You can do it! It takes all of this to become Snow Princess or the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker. That is what I share with my daughter and what I share with you.

Happy New Year! May it be productive, fun, and full of joyful wonder.

This post is part of my “Just give me a word” series where you may offer a word, and I will share a story related to that word. My daughter provided the word “Ballerinas” to me last week. Feel free to provide me with a word of your own.