I am going to invite Imperfection into my life. Before you think I have been saddled up next to Perfection my whole life, please note that Imperfection has done time for unlawful entry in my little world many times over. I am just deciding that he can come on in as a welcomed guest. And then I am going to breathe.

Perfection was easier when I was single (more control over my house and schedule). It became more complicated when I met the love of my life and we married. Our first year was HARD as we 30-somethings tried to convince the other “how things are done” around the house. Then along came the other love of my life — my beautiful daughter who is now four. Again. the first year was HARD and Perfection flew out the window. Imperfection slipped in the garage door next to the kitchen.

It’s hard to know that I am not cooking dinner each night for my family, that I haven’t yet been the “room mother” for my child’s pre-school class, that I don’t have bows that match all my daughter’s outfits, that I don’t always tell my husband how much I love him and appreciate what he does to keep our lives moving forward, that I don’t clean the bathrooms as often as I think I should, that I don’t have family craft time for every holiday and that I don’t keep all our photo albums current. Good news is, my family loves me anyway.

Despite my imperfections, I am great mom and a loving wife. My family reminds me of this often and for that, I am grateful. So come on in, Imperfection. Take your coat off and stay a while. We will be making cupcakes with mismatched icing in a bit and you are welcome to give us a hand.