Music moves my soul

There are songs, old favorites and new, that simply move my soul. The words and instruments take me to another place and shift my soul to a less stagnant and more open space. Where there is room for new ideas, something for my heart to feel, and the colors are more saturated. It’s hard to put into words, but if you love music, you know what I mean.

My playlists on my iPhone are named as such…

  • Cool: soft songs with lovely melodies and beautiful voices.
  • Happy: upbeat music you can skip to.
  • Sing: songs to belt out loudly in the car
  • Spirit: uplifting music, when my soul needs understanding and a lift
  • Beat: songs I can tap my toe and bob my head to
  • Good morning: songs that wake up my soul

Depending on my soul’s needs at the moment, I pick the list. Some of the best songs make more than one play list, of course. I have thought about adding “Sorrow” for those heart-breaking days embedded with sad news. I stop short, however. I don’t want to have such a list in front of me when I scroll through my play lists list. Might be too tempting on a semi-gray day. I have also thought about having a “Spa” list with bird-chirping spa songs or “People!” with songs about crazy human behavior.

And by the way… if you haven’t yet used the Genius tool in iTunes, I highly recommend it for finding more music similar to the music in your music library. Great way to find new artists or older songs that fit your mood. Pandora is great for this too.

Here are a few of my favorites from the lists above:

Cool: Uncle Earl “Easy in the Morning”  and a new favorite, Erika Chambers “Eventide”

Happy: Jonathan Sexton “Love in My Heart” and Kimberly Cole “Nitty Gritty”

Sing: Jon and Roy “Little Bit of Love” and Kristin Andreassen “Crayola Doesn’t Make  a Color For Your Eyes”

Spirit: Bonnie Raitt “Hear Me Lord” and Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss’s version of “Simple Gifts”

Beat: Mirah “The Garden” and KC & The Sunshine Band “Boogie Shoes” recently brought back to my play list courtesy of “So You Think You Can Dance”

Good morning: Sara Bareilles “Many the Miles” and Donavon Frankenreiter “Life, Love and Laughter”

What other ideas would you have for a play list theme? What songs wake up your soul, ideas, creative thoughts?