How do you communicate?

In this day of email, texting, phone calls, Facebook, Skype, Twitter and what is to surely come… ESP, I am having continuing conversations across many media through the day.

I have two sisters whom I love dearly. One lives 1 hour away and the other across country. Recently, I found that with the two of them, we communicated, via email, text, facebook and phone… within a 8 hour timeframe. And the conversations just continued across different places. 10 years ago, we would have spent 2 hours on the phone at night (and we still do that from time to time). But now, we can keep talking in our day using the tools available to us.

What do you use tools for? Me?

1) Texting – quick yes/no or short answer questions and quick matter of fact items. “I will be home in 10 min” “Have you talked to Mom today?” “Did you just see that touchdown!?!”

2) Email – things of record or longer questions. Items like vacation planning research, links to cools sites, proposing a girls’ night out, sharing photo links or photos.

3) Facebook – Sharing Sharing Sharing and then commenting on what others share. Who knew we would be so fascinated with each other’s lives (I have a theory on that in another post soon). I also have a young daughter. She says funny things. I post them.

4) Skype – distant relatives enjoy this one.

5) Twitter – at this point, not many of may family and long-time friends are in this space. Twitter for me is a place to begin new friendships, learn, share fun stuff I find. By following many people in Nashville, I have been able to broaden my social circle. The key is that you have to show up places and introduce yourself to some of these peeps. Otherwise… you are just 140 characters on a screen. I also share my daughter’s funny things here too, but not with her name.

6) Foursquare is new to me (2 weeks in). Some of my tech friends are playing. Fun to see where people are. I think the value here will be when the venues are engaged and offer specials, prizes or other goodies to reward their loyal customers via Foursquare.

7) and finally for me, the phone – without being there in person, this is still the next best thing. Real time responses, warm voices, laughter (not “lol”) and sincerity flows. Sometimes, this needs to be the way to further a relationship.

I know there are other communication tools out there. I use some of them. The above are my go to places to connect today. I am sure months from now, there will be another.

What do you use to connect to your closest friends/family?