Sometimes we need a reset. I started this process over Christmas/New Years (as many people do in the new year). There’s the reset button right over there. Do I push it? What happens? Can I push the reset button? Through January this button was like a magnet for me… taunting.

It’s happening. At work, home and soon with friends (yes, I am back). Nothing tragic happened last year to pull me into a little rut. It happened slowly. A number of small factors contributed to this, all working exclusively but together in my own life.

Fortunately for me, I get to reset at work. Now focused on digital marketing (diving in to learn more). At home we are reseting some things on how we go about our life together. And soon… I will be reaching out to dear friends again and making new ones. I miss my friends. With tools like Facebook and others I have been able to watch and be completely inspired by friends that are either knocking it out of the park and/or living their life with great strength, courage, love,  joy and spirit. Thank you. You know who you are.

Resets are needed. Grabbing some books. Meeting with great local thinkers. Loving and serving my family more. All good.

And I hope more posts that will, indeed, share joy. That is what is in my core. Look for more here.