There are some activities in life that are givens.

Baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, big sports events of children, weddings, funerals or just sitting at the table with a good friend going through tough times.

I missed a family wedding recently. I regret it deeply. My cousin won’t hold it against me, but I will. I can talk about the travel being an issue, but it was mostly poor planning on my part in a bigger way. Next time (there is still one cousin of 6 that isn’t married), I will plan more thoughtfully so that I don’t miss a moment. Part of the gift is your presence, after all.

Another given is funerals. Even though they may be difficult emotionally, once again, your presence is part of the gift you give those that are mourning. And you usually have a few options if you are a busy person: visitation, service and burial. Attending demonstrates your heart’s intent to show respect and compassion.

What other givens are in your life?

Where can your presence be a great gift to those you have love and caring for?