Connect one to another.

Find ways to connect one to another. Then let the magic happen.

The past two days were great days for giving something valuable to others through connections. By opening up and either introducing myself and allowing a conversation to just happen or asking a follow up question of a friend, each of us gained something new.

A few weeks ago, I met someone in an elevator at a downtown business who was certainly and extrovert and introduced himself. We talked, exchanged contact information. Fast forward to yesterday, we met along with another colleague of mine and discovered that he is passionate about the work our nonprofit does in the community. He moved from another city and wants to be a part of what we are doing in Nashville. Just like that.

Another friend of mine and I connected at an alumni event recently. In college we shared some laughs and funny stories; now almost 15 years later, we are working together to benefit both of our organizations. Who knew!

I love making connections and helping connect the dots with people. It gives me great joy if I can just play even a small part in joining together forces that will do good things.

That said, take a chance. Introduce yourself. Ask more questions. Find out what people are looking for and help them find it. Everyone wins in those magical spaces.